July 29, 2014

Firsts: Bath

It was over a month before we gave Esmée her first bath.

We waited a while because this girl does not like being wet.
Or so we thought...
{i.e. she doesn't like an even slightly damp diaper OR sponge baths}.
But as it turned out - she loved the bathtub!

These pictures don't really show her excitement because bathing her is a two-person job --
so the camera had to go down; but she really enjoyed the water.

We may just have a beach baby on our hands!


Laura Dickey said...

These pictures are stunning. It's awesome that so many of her growing-up pictures will be studio-quality!

Marci said...

So glad she loves baths! Emma didn't like sponge baths but loved (well, still does) real baths. It is so much fun when they get a little bigger and can hold their heads up and don't require two people for baths!