January 1, 2018

Photography Goal(s)

It's been about three years since I actively posted to this blog.
My excuse:  In that time I've had two children and another is on the way.
It's been busy.
I want to resurrect this hobby this year, and though my circumstances (i.e. busyness of being a
'mommy' to very young children) hasn't changed - I feel I can commit something to it.

My goal is to post a photo a day, here and consequently - on my corresponding Facebook page.

I may or may not provide a title to the photo.
I may or may not provide insight into the photo.
The 'wordy' parts are not my commitment - the photo is my commitment.
Any titles or insights are bonuses that I will provide, as I have time.
Additionally, the photo may or may not have been taken that day. 
But it will have been taken recently.  Meaning, within a week's time.
(a.k.a. This is not an exercise for me to dig up historic photos - this is for new photos.)

I hope the photos I post offer inspiration to those who see them -
in addition to helping me hone my talents.

Happy 2018!

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